Consider doing it yourself

When something vital in the car or house fails and you
don’t have the tools, experience or training to fix it you
must pay someone who does. People you hire have the
same body and mind you do but are more prepared.

The rewards for preparing and doing some of your own
car or house care are getting what you need done when
you want it, the way you want it, at a fraction of the cost
plus boosted self esteem.

Learning to do things starts with deciding to try. Study
plus trial and error lead to success. The information
needed to learn just about anything is readily available
these days. Getting your mind around doing it is the

Study is hard work when you are not really interested
in the topic but I’ll bet there are things you really would
like to be able to do. Things that you would enjoy
learning more about. Everybody has some of those.

A little less time staring at the latest funny video,
housewife squabble, news show, sporting event or
social site can make room for something much more
valuable if you get off your seat and start.

Your appetite for learning and accomplishing increases
with each step forward. You won’t be an instant expert
but you will get some satisfaction. Starting small is a
good idea. Trial and error brain surgery is risky.

Can’t learn to fix a leak, replace a part, hit a ball, cook a
meal, file your taxes, or any of a hundred other things?
Of course
you can.

How about a “Do it yourself” life? You can learn how to
get along better with others, make extra money, stay in
the moment, relax, feel better. All interesting stuff.

Do you need to consult an MD to decide how your body
feels? A PhD for what you think about yourself? A Guru
for what you want to accomplish this week? Maybe, but
I would try thinking about it myself first. Thinking is free,
easy, convenient and very helpful.

TV, phone chatting, social media, movies can become an

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