Scared or excited?

Change is coming faster and faster. Our accelerator is
stuck to the floor. A different life is forming before our
eyes whether we like it or not. The lives of our kids do
not resemble ours at the same age due to updated life
styles and communication gadgets.

Changes are more noticeable at electronic speed. There
is new information every day on almost any topic you
can name. Something discovered this morning can be
shown around the world this afternoon on billions of

Personal, corporate, government illegal or immoral acts
as well as good deeds are there for the world to see.
Social media, web sites and reality shows allow
uncensored pictures and commentary on any subject
by anyone.

We are exposed to thoughts, views and conversations
that may or may not be researched, intelligent, true or
tasteful. Electronic bar stool blather and staged
performance is mixed with the truth. Each of us get to
decide which is which.

What has not changed is us. We still work and worry
about food, water, shelter, safety, money, health, child
care just like our ancestors did. Like them we also must
adjust to changes no matter how fast they come. Our
numbers, beliefs, politics and gadgets have not and will
not change that.

Individual lives today are just as mixed good and bad as
they ever were. We have success and failure, luck and
tragedy. It is all part of being human. Relax, focus on
right now and enjoy today. It gets the best results and
the most pleasure.

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