Improving life is simple

Understanding exactly what you are plus what you can
and can not do is the first step in relaxing and gaining a
better life. Fear, frustration, stress, pain can be reduced
when you stop wasting time and effort and start
thinking and acting more effectively.

For this purpose, a life is that period of time when you
are in physical control of your body. It starts when
separated from mother, breathing on your own, and
ends when your body stops functioning and shuts
down. Nobody knows how long that will be.

During that life you have thoughts and take actions
but can not control time, nature or other people. Your
body and mind are what you have to work with.

Satisfying results come from improving you. Others
will either follow suit, hope for things to get better by
luck, drive themselves nuts trying to change the world
around them or move somewhere else looking for

Start by thinking carefully about where you believe
you are versus where you would like to be in important
areas one at a time. Make notes but don’t write what
you think you should. Write the truth.

Here are some suggested topics. Add or subtract what
you wish. It’s your life. It will never be perfect but it can
get better.

1. Mental condition, attitude, beliefs.
2. Physical condition.
3. Relationships.
4. Home and family.
5. Work.
6. Finances.
7. Recreation.

You will not get any topic done well in one sitting but it
will start a thinking and observation process while you
go about your daily routine that is valuable. As you
amend, re-write, re-think it becomes fun. You will be
scribbling notes at laughable times when thoughts
come to you.

Thoughts, study, action, results are available to you in
any area. Money, brilliance, beauty, hard labor not
required. It is not instant gratification but who cares?
Your life is not over. Spend what is left with your mind
in the present and working for you. Today is an
opportunity. Enjoy making some progress. It adds up

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