You are Chief Executive Officer of your life

Our lives are small versions of large organizations.
Thinking about it all at once is like figuring out how to
swallow a whole watermelon. The top executive has to
reduce the process to chewable bites.

Big successful organizations in business, government,
labor, religion have broken the necessities into separate
specific duties so that each individual from the bottom
to the top has a sustainable load. Overwhelmed workers
at any level will fail.

Comfortable and successful lives are handled in
separate segments too. We can think about health, job,
housing, family, vacation and whether to buy a dog in
the same day but not at the same time. This is where
habits come in.

Becoming aware of when we are wasting time and
purposely putting our minds in position to succeed is step
one. Thinking about one topic efficiently is progress. What
is the problem? What needs to change? What action can I
take today? If not today when? If never why not? Get to
the bottom of it.

If there are five problems, try to make it four. Each
improvement is a step away from frustration toward
success. Specific action to either solve or adjust results in
change. Worrying can go on forever.

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