FAQ’s on life today

Is playing electronic games and phone chat ruining kids?
No. They are just taking advantage of modern convenience.
Adults do the same thing. Both kids and adults have the
same necessities to take care of that older generations did
but a different environment and set of tools.

Is electronic gabbing teaching valuable communication
skills? No. Texting shorthand is just modern slang. Every
generation had their own. Correct use of language is still
important in spite of modern fads. In a short time new
slang vocabulary will emerge and have no more lasting
effect than dadio, hubba hubba, rad, lol or other locally
peculiar verbiage.

Do calculators prevent math learning? No, but calculators
are now so common they can make learning math seem
unimportant to students. That will result in clerks who can’t
make change and carpenters who can’t cut a board in half
without electronic help. Advancing through the school
grades is reward for mastering basic skills. Without that
diplomas are worthless.

Are kids relations with elders different now? No. Regardless
of new technology they pass through the same stages.
Complete dependency as an infant gradually becomes
complete independence in about twenty years. Throughout
the process family members will either be friends or not
depending on how each decides to act.

Are continuous changes ruining life? No. Fear and
discomfort are not caused by change. They are caused by
lack of understanding. The majority of things that scare us
are neutralized by study and learning. Take a deep breath,
look under the bed and see what is really there. Step by step
you identify what is scaring you and why. Reducing fear
improves life.

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