Are you grateful for the end of the day or sad to see
it go? If the latter is only during vacation think
about why.

Is waking up in the morning a good thing? It is when
you look forward to it.

Do problems scare you? Fears shrink when you face
them and start doing something about them.

Think you can’t do it? Become your own good friend.
One who is accepting, helpful, encouraging. One who
does not expect you to be perfect.

Haven’t done well with relationships? Try treating
others like friends too. They respond today to the
way you act today. See if it doesn’t make a nice

Focusing on tasks is easier when you are comfortable
with your companions. Small positive changes make
a big difference.

Living will never be perfect but each good step brings
it closer. If you have decided home is hard labor or
work is necessary evil you are dismissing large parts
of your life.

Nobody else is going to make you happy. You are the

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