Twenty years

Time accelerates as we age. You and your twenty year
old child have experienced the same twenty years at
the same place and time. The child feels it took forever
and for you it passed like the view from a speeding train.
Twenty years passes three or four times in an average
life today.

Day to day changes in the world around us are seldom
drastic but minor moves as we go along pile up quickly.
If you fell asleep in nineteen ninety six and woke up
now you would be amazed after only twenty years.

When you closed your eyes America was focused on
Bill Clinton and Bob Dole running for President plus a
growing interest in personal computers and the
internet. Today a businessman, a surgeon, a woman
and a socialist are running and most people are
carrying the internet in their pocket. A baby born in
nineteen ninety six is a full grown adult now.

Very quickly twenty sixteen will be ancient history.
What would you like to see in your personal life twenty
years from now? How you choose to act day to day
between now and then will be the most important
influence on that. A little improvement seventy three
hundred times? Wow.

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