The endless puzzle of God

Let’s assume that God, meaning a supernatural being
with capabilities vastly superior to ours, exists. Until we
experience some recognizable sighting or
communication his/her relationship to us is unknown.
Some of us feel sure of the presence of God in our lives.
Others do not and the debate has gone on for thousands
of years. Most of us publicly avoid the subject because it
is sensitive but I am betting there is nobody who has not
thought about it.

About a hundred years ago Bertrand Russell wrote
“Religions teach some form of immortality. A soul
that survives death. This has no basis in science but
is very popular because it removes fear from aging
and death.”
To this day we can not stop death or aging
and what we believe can still be entirely different from
what we can prove.

We are also still debating creation versus evolution and
a third theory  combining the two. All my life I have
heard and read “proofs” both ways. It comes down to
which seem consistent with my personal version of
reality. Some of us see a perfectly organized universe
and planet. Some see only haphazard chaos. Some believe
since we exist someone must have created us.
Others ask if that is true then who created God?

Some believe God has a human form and that he (or she)
loves us. Others ask are we like pets? If we were created
in this physical form what is the reason? Some type of
experiment? That could explain all the minor differences
in us but so could evolution.

If we evolved could we be unknown to God or insignificant?
Could a non physical higher power exist as spiritual only?
That could eliminate all physical needs, limitations,
boundaries and have no beginning and no end. Was
everything created? Planets? Bugs? Worms? Flowers?
Dinosaurs? Why?

If Gods do not exist outside of our imaginations we are
left with human reasons for inventing them. Hundreds of
Gods have been described for one reason or another but
their reality is a matter of faith. Is it possible that all those
are really the same one from different viewpoints?

Evolution here on earth makes sense but like creation it
can not currently be proven. Archaeologists can see a
possible development pattern over maybe two hundred
thousand years but it too requires faith. Some believe
that both creation and evolution are true. The difference
is the time frame. According to current methods of
determining age millions of our years to create
something is common in space.

A blunt feeling based purely on observation is religions
generally teach good things. Love, charity, honesty,
acceptance of others. People who follow those teachings
don’t hurt anybody and are a welcome segment of society.
There always seem to be a few though who use God for
other purposes.

God told me to kill you, enslave you or take what is yours
does not sound like any religious service I ever attended.
Fortunately so far that attitude has never prevailed.
Making people angry and defensive is a dangerous thing
but there always seems to be a new group having to learn
the lesson.

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