Science and reality

Science is valuable but scientists can examine only what is
within reach of our current instruments. We have little idea
of dimensions, materials, conditions or occupancy beyond
our solar system. The concept of no end or beginning is not
within our experience. Outside our tiny area we are still like
microbes trying to understand an ocean.

Getting reality straight doesn’t take genius, it takes honesty.
We need to deal with problems we know while endlessly
guessing about the millions we don’t. Today we have disease,
hunger, energy, war, pollution, resource depletion. Self
preservation or self destruction are in the balance.

Scientists are people with the same human needs and
attitudes as fast food workers. They just have a different
educational background. Some will follow the money and
work on discovering new and better cosmetics, kitty litter,
underwear and a thousand other commercial items that
aren’t life and death.

A few will invent new and better ways to kill people. Guns,
bombs, poisons. Death dealing devices or paralyzing agents
are saleable all over the world. Morality will be rationalized
and organizations with money will continue to be customers
until world opinion overwhelms.

We need entrepreneurs to create more science based life
improvement business that really matters. It can be aided
by government but until private enterprise is fully engaged
will always be lagging. Investments, jobs,  interested young
people and a large middle class can be the result of a free
market sustainable life improvement surge. It is a world
wide demand begging for more supply.

Progress on problems, less fear, more education leading to
fewer and fewer wars. Imagine that trend. Trends start
with individuals like you and me noticing, thinking,
believing and taking action. Sign up for classes. Start a new
group. Take a scientist to lunch.

Human life here on earth continues or ends based on our
relations with each other and with nature. Escalating the
killing, losing the food and water supply or polluting the
planet means we need to change. Science can be a big help.

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