Change the grind

I get the idea behind “Stop and smell the flowers once in
a while”. Taking a break from the grind to relieve your
tension is a good thing. Unfortunately, the problem is still

What we call the grind is routinely doing something
unpleasant instead of something we enjoy because we
must. Enjoyment and unpleasant are mental. We all
have legal, moral and survival issues to deal with
throughout life. We can’t avoid them. Relief only comes
from learning to handle them pleasantly.

All jobs, businesses, residences and relationships are
works in progress. None are ever done and fixed. Seeing
those parts of life for what they are and paying attention
to steering them in the right direction softens grind and
increases pleasure. Doing what you are interested in is
fun. Is anybody really not interested in their own life?

The best we can hope for is looking forward to work and
home life as well as recreation. That starts with attitude,
continues with purposeful change, and  ends with
constant overall improvement regardless of minor ups
and downs.

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