Forget Utopia

For much of life I imagined it would get better later.
As a kid it was when I grow up. As a young single it
was when I settle down. As a married man it was when
I make a profitable business. As a business owner it
was when I retire. Sound familiar?

I grew up, settled down, had a family, made the business,
retired and surprise. Still haven’t arrived at Utopia. This
“better” I pictured for later was vague. A fantasy. No
problems, just happiness. Not very likely.

When it finally dawned on me that now is all there is
I stopped mentally being a tired greyhound chasing a
little fake rabbit around an endless track.

Imagining new and better because I do specific things
today is good. Imagining Camelot is only entertainment.
Reality is never perfect. I should confine it to momentary
smiles and pay attention to avoiding a collision.

It took a while for me to catch on but it is never too late.
Amazing how much nicer each day became when I
stopped seeing it as a necessary pain to be endured until
I can get to the good life. When I finally got focused it
became clear that no two days are the same.

Going to a place I have never seen is fun. I look, listen,
soak up interesting experiences. My normal daily life
around home is fun too for the same reason. I don’t need
a plan to stop and smell the flowers. I am interested in
lots of things whether they smell good or not. People and
tomorrows will each be a new and unpredictable

Getting emotional briefly when things do not go according
to plan is normal but I try to remember that failures
should be expected. Some dogs will surprise me and bite.
Quit crying and make a change.

The idea to pass along is concentrate on today. Life is a
picture made up of little brush strokes. Those daily trial
and error acts are where happiness is. Making each one
of them as good as you can is what creates a masterpiece.
It is like giving yourself birthday presents all year.

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