Look at both sides…….

The angel and the devil sit on opposite shoulders and
discuss trying out helpful ideas. One against and one
in favor. You decide……………..

1. There is not enough time. After subtracting job and
sleep hours there are only eight or nine hours per day
to shop, work around home, read, chat on the phone,
eat, shower, watch TV. You don’t want every minute
full but………….

One example is, a half hour walk is doable for anybody.
It energizes, burns calories, is fun. It is easy, costs
nothing and can be done year round. It can become a
favorite part of the day.

2. It is not necessary. Job, dwelling, family, activities are
fine as is but……….

Those things will continue to change all by themselves.
Nothing and nobody stays the same. Why not take
charge of it? Steering the boat is better than just drifting.

3. Tried changing and didn’t like it. My routine is
comfortable. It grew over time. Changing it is clumsy
and annoying but……………..

So was getting used to seat belts, directional signals,
computers, calculators, car seats, cell phones, online
bill paying, home shopping and many other good things.
The choices are to make a rut and sit in it or refresh life
a little.

4. Maybe later. I don’t need every darn thing that
comes along but…………….

Some changes will turn out to be surprisingly good.
You could end up wishing you had realized it sooner.

5. I don’t need somebody else telling me how to live.
I am just as smart as they are. I just have different
likes and dislikes but……………….

Some of my choices were made long ago by a younger
person in different circumstances. Life will never be
perfect but new and different here and there is good.

6. Adding something else to think about is depressing.
I want less heavy thinking not more but…………..

Learning to clear the mind, stay in the present,
streamline action may be exactly what does it. It is
simplifying mental exertion not adding it.

7. I am not a genius. I have a hard enough time
handling daily life as it is but………….

We all have more control over mind and body than
we realize. Learning to use at least some of that
control is liberating.

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