Take the stress out of busy

Most of us are busy. We make lists with phones or on
paper so we don’t forget something important. We toss
and turn in bed thinking about everything that still
needs doing and wake up tired.

We have work problems, home problems, family
problems and physical problems. Will there ever be a
time when we have nothing to worry about? I hope not.

Having problems means you have something
important in your life. People, animals, businesses,
dwellings, governments all have needs and depend on
somebody. As long as you are that somebody in some
way you have a reason to keep going.

I read about members of native American tribes each
having specific duties important to group survival.
When some became too old or crippled they would
quietly leave rather than be a burden. Pride did not
allow anything less.

Believing we are unnecessary or irrelevant and the
loss of self esteem that goes with it is not limited to
history. It happens now to people of any age and the
results are the same. Loss of interest, boredom,
depression. Lack of concern about personal future.

Avoiding this slippery slope only requires a dose of
reality. Embrace responsibility and keep busy in
some way. In our world there is always a way to
contribute physically, mentally or morally. Once
you realize that being busy is valuable and there
are problems you can help with stress fades.

Problems are the friends of your mind. There are
plenty to choose from. If your life seems full now,
bite off something else. You have more capacity
than you think and can enjoy life for as long as it

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