You can’t buy self confidence

It does not come from having made money or achieving
greatness in some field. Most of that is the result of self
confidence, not the cause.

Real self confidence only comes from personal, private
self study. No posturing or wishful thinking. Just plain
truth about how effective you are and how others react
to you. Not read in a book or seen in a video but gained
by focus on yourself. Nobody writing or filming knows
you like you do.

When you start practicing awareness of your thoughts
and actions and how they relate to results possible
changes become obvious. Changing physical and mental
habits is not difficult when the reasons are clear.

Self confidence is not knowing that you are superior in
some way but that you can control what you do and
the probable results. It is not a guarantee of any
particular gain. It is a private calmness and focus even
when you are afraid that increases the chances of

Changes bringing positive results open the mental gates
and invite more.Even small weaknesses that become
strengths are noticed by you and others. More self
confidence is the end result.

You are not born with self confidence and nobody can
give it to you. You will either create it or live without it.

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