Pearl Harbor, 74 years and counting

Most people here now were not yet born in 1941.
Japanese, Germans, Italians were trying to kill us. All
are friends now but it took a long time to get over it
just like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Lessons learned by
all, I hope.

Russian and Chinese communism seems to have run
its course. Failed to unite the world into a workers
paradise. Mostly because it doesn’t work economically.
People don’t put up with government control of
everything indefinitely. Every nation trying it ended up
having to build barriers to keep people in. Like a prison.
Economic opportunity requires freedom.

ISIS is the latest group deciding to take over at the point
of a gun. Claiming religious beliefs demand that they kill
non-believers and using terrorist tactics to force their
views on everyone. Nothing is certain, but my bet is
desertion by disillusioned followers will start the downhill
slide if it hasn’t already. The availability of information
today is against them. Truth comes out. Islam doesn’t
teach murder.

We probably never will be without people who have not
yet learned what an ugly, destructive, unpopular event
war is. Let us hope that the future brings fewer and
shorter episodes.

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