A not to do list

Do not criticize the attitude of others. Arguments will
frustrate you and spoil your time. Find out why they
feel that way. You can learn something.

Do not demand perfection of yourself. Mental anguish
over a mistake hurts more than the mistake itself.
Forgive yourself and do better tomorrow.

Do not lie to yourself. When you have failed, been
dishonest, selfish or inconsiderate rationalizing lowers
self esteem. You can’t fool you.

Do not worry about impressing others. You will please
some and displease some. Do what you believe is right
and hope for the best.

Do not confuse money with value. Having money is
nice but does not make you valuable. That comes from
being needed, helpful and important.

Do not strive to be successful. Strive to be valuable and
success will frequently be a side benefit.

Do not threaten. It is a bluff that can backfire out of
control. Either act or keep quiet.

Do not give up on tomorrow. It may begin the best
period of time ever.

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