How to increase the quality of life

Quality is a measure of how good something is. So what
makes life better?

Standard of living studies compare which goods and
services are available where we live. How many jobs,
how long we live, our education levels. They show
more opportunities in some places but not how to use

Living in an area with a highly rated standard of living
makes having a quality life easier but achieving it is still
up to us. Here are the important key areas.

1. Who am I?

What is my physical condition? What is real about my
hygiene, diet, exercise, grooming, appearance? Am I able
to get around?

What is my mental condition? Usual attitude, self
control, feelings?

What are my personal beliefs about right, wrong and
conduct. Do I have hopes for the future?

2. How do I fit in?

Am I interacting with others in my usual routine?

Am I accepted by those at home, work, school,

Do I have access to income, education, recreation?

3. Where am I going?

Am I acting to improve life for me and others at home
and elsewhere?

Am I reducing stress with some leisure activities?

Am I expanding my knowledge and skills?

A high quality life is when we feel good physically and
mentally, are enjoying now and looking forward to an
even better tomorrow. The details are different for each
of us but deciding to work on it is a big step forward.

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