Caitlyn Jenner is certainly not the first person to openly
jump the gender fence. Chaz Bono, Renee Richards and
many others have come before. I knew a man named
Homer Martin who changed to a woman named Home
Martin forty years ago.

Caitlyn really seems to have opened the opinion
floodgates more than the others and it makes me
wonder why. It was never a big deal before. Only a

Yesterday there was a news item about a grade school
kid who wanted to dress opposite and use the other
lavatory. Parents were protesting, teachers and
administrators were organizing meetings.

Do they really think the children are so fragile they
will be ruined if our ages old tradition of private male
and female public rest rooms is violated? Of course not.
Kids would giggle about it. Parents and teachers are
faced with a minor situation not covered in the
instruction book and are making a major fuss about it.
Parents righteously standing up should decide who is
in danger.

In America zero point three percent identify as
transgender. Three hundred thirty two of every three
hundred thirty three do not. Better watch out. If the
trans group ever turns violent we could be overwhelmed.

Gay, lesbian and transgender people are hated and
abused by people who fear anyone different. It is time to
grow up about that subject. Sexual orientation is not a
disease or a crime. Statistics suggest that three or four
percent of us are attracted to the same sex and a tiny
fraction of us wish to change gender. History shows that
it has been about the same for many centuries.

Physically forcing yourself on an unwilling person is
unacceptable for any gender or orientation. That risk
is the same no matter who is in the rest room. Modesty
is a matter of habit and the comfort level changes to
whatever is necessary. We should get over it and move
on to more important things.

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