What exactly is a daydream? For me it is a fantasy
about something very nice or re-living some event
that was particularly good. I can do it with eyes open
multi-tasking while driving or handling some other
routine thing not involving conversation. It is a private
movie with me as the star and not usually shared.

Why do I do it? Because it is easy, free and fun. It takes
me away from now, substituting for whatever I am
doing. It can be summoned on a moments notice
whenever I wish and changed to suit my mood.

Like any other entertainment daydreams get boring
when overdone and are counter productive when
trying to accomplish something. I try to notice and
wash as needed.

“Wash” is a personal trigger I use to clear my mind. I
picture pouring a bucket of clean water removing all
thought and returning entirely to the present. I then
focus on all the detail around me. Every sight and
sound and the effect it is having on me. Every
movement I make and how it feels.

One thing I particularly enjoy is the improved
efficiency with my mind focused. Stumbles and
mistakes are almost totally eliminated. Things get done
faster and easier.

I also remember what I am focused on much better.
There are memory tricks that help but I think they just
automate your concentration. Forgetfulness seems
more related to interest and importance than age.

Becoming aware of and objective about what is going
on in my mind is the best breakthrough I have ever
made. It does not explain the individual actions of
others it just helps me deal with them. It does not make
me successful but relaxes and teaches me. Main
ingredients in the recipe for happiness.

Clear thinking is the foundation of good judgment. The
ability to make sound and sensible decisions.
Daydreaming is a time out. I only allow four per day.

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