Doing more and enjoying less?

There was a cigarette commercial many years ago that
asked if we were smoking more and enjoying it less. The
idea was their smokes were stronger and more
satisfying so you could relax and enjoy daily life. Forget
the product and think about the idea. Are you enjoying
life now or are you doing more and more with less time
for it?

The commercials for banks and investment firms show
older people enjoying themselves on perpetual vacation.
Work hard now, invest properly and get to the good life
later. Working hard, having money, investing are all fine
but what really is a good life?

If our daily activities feel like chores then working on
finding ways to make them interesting and fun changes
everything. Looking forward to today makes retirement
less important. Vacation is a chance for a few days of
different activity but not critical for happiness. Tension
and pressure are reduced regardless of news and
entertainment shock.

In the electronic world of today tension is a product. It
is made from things that scare us. War, violence,
natural disaster, serious health threats, environmental
ruin, economic failure. The daily news and much of the
available entertainment are full of nightmares. Terror
and tragedy get our attention. More awful means more
audience. Terrorists, movie makers and news media
have different goals but the same strategy.

Is escape from responsibility a goal? Just eat, drink and
play? Being lazy and bored? Is that what you are
striving for? Searching for a movie you haven’t seen?
Responsibility means you are important to others. That
is life long satisfaction.

Financial security? There is no such thing. 1929 taught
us that. Money and possessions come and go and affect
us in direct proportion to the importance we assign to
them. Money is nice to have. A tool to make life easier.
If you lose it life changes but does not end. Your
happiness is still up to you. Making money is good
unless you promote it to dictator.

Being aware of and in control of you and now is as
good as it gets. It is within reach if you decide to focus
on it.

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