Death and beyond

This is a tough topic. We associate it with pain,
suffering and loss for those leaving and those left
behind. Even though we all know it is normal we tend
to avoid discussion or even thinking about it most of
the time. We spend the majority of our lives on more
pleasant stuff like making a buck, cutting the grass,
picking up groceries.

For this conversation let us assume that soul survives
death. If it doesn’t then turn out the lights, the party is
over. Either way one thing we know is the event ends
the use of our bodies.

With no body we no longer need breathable air, food,
water, clothing or shelter. We have none of the physical
senses. No pain, sight or hearing. Can’t touch or feel
anything. No way to make noise or physically affect
those still alive. If the soul is unaffected by anything
physical, including gravity it is total freedom.

I am not personally aware of ever being contacted by
the spirit of a dead person. Are you? Either it has never
happened to me or I didn’t recognize it. Knowing how
people are, if it were possible I think someone would
have done it. Some have said that they just know their
departed loved ones are there and supportive. Maybe
feelings like that can be generated by spirits. That
would have an effect whether we recognize it or not.

We know that our universe is a tiny part of a larger
picture. There is a massive amount of fascinating
information beyond our knowledge. Imagine that we
could tap into it once we are free of physical limitation.
Become aware and part of the bigger picture. Seeing,
hearing and feeling is only necessary for humans to
understand. Spirits may be unlimited.

Fear is something that haunts us from birth to death.
Most of it comes from lack of knowledge. We fear what
we don’t understand and dislike or hate being
confronted with it. With no body to worry about plus
unlimited space, time, understanding and freedom I
can not imagine what would scare us. Sounds like

Knowing those left behind would gain the same
perspective in turn completes the mental picture. Let’s
hope for it. Meanwhile, don’t forget to take out the

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