The money is in the list?

The answer is yes if I intend to do email marketing.
I don’t.

The gurus teaching us how to make money are
suggesting I do whatever it takes to part people from it.
Promise them whatever will get them into the funnel,
get them on my list and milk them like cows. Step right
up folks………. There’s another one born every minute.

Building your list of email addresses is job number one.
You offer something good in return for the address and
then can solicit them free of charge any time you wish.
Instant customers. All that is necessary then is find
something to sell at a profit and start sending emails.
You can rent your list to others or let them sell with it
for a commission. A big list is the key asset.

The experts are counting on me not knowing that ninety
seven percent of people who try doing what they teach
make nothing and quit. What really makes me laugh is
they are selling courses on how to become an expert in
two weeks. That ought to tell you something about gurus.

My inboxes are already overflowing. List sharing,
selling, exchanging, plus address collecting robots and
hundreds of gurus offering new and wonderful address
gathering techniques have changed email. Including
emails from brick and mortar businesses I get anywhere
from two hundred to three hundred each day and open
maybe five. Do you think I am the only one? Nobody
else is ignoring the hundreds of solicitations that arrive
each day?

In my list experience a good mailing gets maybe five
percent opens. If one percent of those who open
actually buy something I will get one order from two
thousand names. If I make twenty bucks on a sale
each list name is worth a penny. If a sale makes me one
hundred dollars each name is worth a nickel. Picking up
two or three hundred individual email addresses per
week will be worth between two and fifteen dollars
minus expenses per solicitation sent. If I solicit on every
email I get fewer opens so most email marketers send
only helpful, non-soliciting stuff a fair percentage of the

I cancelled my auto-responder service and deleted my
list. Too much effort for a return of pennies. Those things
just don’t fit my goals or style. I have no intention of
spending my time on list building or writing a new series
of recorded messages to keep in touch. My emailing will
be business exchanges as needed and personal with
friends and family.

I am following my instincts. Email marketing looks to
me like ever increasing work load for diminishing returns.
“Experts” whose list I joined and who were sending me
marketing emails once per week are now sending two
or three per day. Some have stopped completely and
there are new senders every week that I did not sign
up for. They all promise a nice income in return for
some money.

Opting out of unwanted solicitations is ineffective. I just
delete whole pages at a time while scanning for the one
here and there I will read. It is like watching birds in the
sky. Hundreds can go by in a short time with no effect. I
suspect that those who have millions of names are still
making money but it requires more and more time and

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