We are all actors

An act is something done. On stage or screen it means
pretending in order to entertain the audience. In
private it means physically doing something to
accomplish a purpose. Both can succeed or fail.

Performers work hard at the craft. They learn the
reaction each move gets and how to make us laugh or
cry. With skill they can be whoever they need to be to
fit their role in the story. They memorize and practice
what makes us love or hate them and if it works they
get to keep the job.

In every day life we start learning from early
childhood the responses we get from our actions.
If what we do and how we do it results in happiness for
those around us we are popular and successful. If not
we have the options of changing or getting used to
unpopular and unsuccessful.

It is not a matter of hiding my real unpleasant self and
pretending to be nice. It is learning that we all change
as we go along anyway and can enjoy life more if we
purposely control the direction. People are not born
unpleasant, they get that way out of fear. I’ll hurt you
first so you can’t hurt me.

We should remember that the actors and audience are
both people. Subject to being a little different today
than yesterday for any number of reasons. What went
over well before might fall flat this morning. A seven
PM group may be completely different than noon both
on stage and off.

There are variables all over the place. They can give us
pause but should not change a successful habit. Unless
you are injuring me in some way you won’t lose my
friendship because you fumbled the punch line or I was
not in the mood for jokes. It is unhealthy to lose sleep
over minor things.

Those of us who keep a reasonable, accepting, friendly
attitude through the usual ups and downs will get the
same in return from most people. Every actor has
failed a time or two but the successful ones learned
from it and went right on.

Those we deal with right now are a new audience.
They can be happy today even if they threw tomatoes
yesterday. The more we experience it the less we fear it.
The better we get at it the more we love it. Relax and
we’ll be OK.

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