Today I die?

This week our local newspaper had a story about a
major drug dealer the police had been looking into for
months. They sent an under cover officer in and the
guy incriminated himself. They got a warrant and
surprised him. They surrounded his place but he would
not give up. There was shooting and the dealer was
killed. Before the end he posted on a social site TODAY

In the same article a police lieutenant said he wished
this event would deter others from dealing in illegal
drugs but given the demand, ready supply, and profit
involved this dealer will probably be replaced by

A few pages later in “Mail from our readers” I read a
letter from an elderly man who gave up milk because
it no longer comes in cardboard cartons and doesn’t
taste good from plastic containers.

What is wrong with this picture? Nothing!

The criminal would rather die than change, the cop
prefers frustrated to unemployed, the old man puts
beer on his corn flakes. (I guessed about that one)

My first thoughts about all three were “what a shame”
but it really wasn’t. I was inserting my current beliefs
about what is important and deciding that these three
were wrong.

I would not try to be in the position of any of them but
I could be. Absolute truth is there could be something I
would rather die than give up. I could keep doing
something that isn’t working while hoping for a
solution. I could get to the point where milk cartons
are high priority. There may be people thinking “what
a shame” about me right now.

My conclusion is humanity has not gone crazy. People
vary greatly in attitude and constantly change but at
different speeds. We take two steps forward and one
back giving the look of confusion. We are making
progress together and I look forward to how much we
make tomorrow. I hope it is good enough for the front

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