your personal Law of Attraction

There are enough theories about Law of Attraction to
overwhelm us but they boil down to two. Purposely
attracting what I want is true and doable or it is fiction.
The subject has been interesting enough to get the
attention of millions. I wish I had thought of it first
but I’m two hundred years late.

The concept of positive thought triggering action and
producing the desired result is logical. Thinking I can
do this pushes me to try it. Equating the Law of
Attraction with positive thought being all that is
necessary is a daydream. My own experience has been
mixed and is probably representative of most.

Our lives proceed physically in a predictable pattern
but mentally not so much. When exposed to new
information we view it through different lenses created
by previous thoughts and experiences.

New means something unfamiliar. Something we have
no previous experience with. Our attitudes about new
information vary from enthusiastic learning to weary
rejection and determine whether we are progressing or

Getting comfortable with what we are used to is nice but
fearing that change will ruin it without studying or
trying what is new leads to boredom. Keeping an open
mind leads the other way. I don’t have to embrace
everything that comes along but some of it will be a
pleasant surprise.

Attracting the pleasant surprises, creating more comfort,
hoping life lasts a long time and enjoying it until the end
are doable. Calling the process a law or not is up to you.

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