The republican debate was interesting to watch. Seeing
the presidential candidates in that situation is different
than watching their paid promotional pieces. Some
listened and directly answered questions. Some jumped
right into a rehearsed speech that felt like a commercial
and brought on thoughts of a trip to the refrigerator.

There was enough spontaneous back and forth to get a
feel for their real attitudes and beliefs so I would rate the
whole exercise worthwhile. That got me thinking about
other debates I would like to see.

How about Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi the Caliph of ISIS,
Haider al-Abadi, Prime Minister of Iraq and Ashraf
Ghani, President of Afghanistan.

Catholic Pope Francis, Islamic spiritual leader
Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri and Hector Avalos, Atheist
University Professor of religious studies.

Cecile Richards, President of Planned Parenthood and
Carol Tobias, President of National Right to Life Committee.

NRA Vice President Wayne LaPierre and Dan Gross,
President of Brady Campaign to prevent gun violence.

Will debates ever be as popular as squabbling housewives?
They are at least a good alternative and better than
solitaire or knitting.

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