A banquet

Caitlyn Jenner, Donald Trump, Cecil the Lion,
Obamacare, ISIS, Religion, Republicans, Democrats,
Race, Police, Gun control, Abortion, Minimum wage,
Equal pay, Socialism, Taxes, Same sex marriage, Global
warming, Cost of living, Illegal aliens, Political
donations, Standard school testing.

Forgive me if I left out your favorite but we are so rich
in interesting topics these days we should be able to
find one to work on. Just remember how trying to eat
a whole banquet feels afterward and that punching or
kicking walls can result in serious injury.

Does it seem like we have more controversy than ever
before? Maybe we just have more people now and
twenty four hour media competing to announce the
latest shocks. Either way there is enough meaty stuff
that it’s hard to know where to start. We can not waive
our magic wands and fix everything but public opinion
does have an effect and we are certainly part of the

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