A radical, extremist, violent adversary. Someone
looking for complete change. Someone with opinions
on religion, politics or other topics opposed to current
reality and using anything that causes fear to change it.
A person willing to kill randomly to make a point and
die doing it.

Why does a physically and mentally normal child grow
into a terrorist?

There is no terrorist gene. Terrorist, freedom fighter,
insurgent, violence is mostly carried out by young men
but not all. Older men and females can also be involved.
People feeling alienated from those around them and
seeking acceptance somewhere regardless of what is
needed to gain it. Seeking revenge for real or imagined
grievances. Looking for important meaning in life.
Seeing it as a path to valuable rewards now or later.

How does the transformation happen?

Nothing is always true, but the younger and less
educated a person is the more successful a recruiting
process will be. Something or someone convinces the
recruit that they are valuable and important, can defeat
real or imaginary enemies, create a better world or
better life, become a hero.

Those who seek out an existing group, start a new
group or simply act on their own can be any age, any
education or financial level. When the motivation is an
unsustainable level of frustration and anger with
current life violent change can seem the only answer.
They are not obvious unless they openly broadcast their

What happens after carrying out terrorist acts?

Usually death or imprisonment for individuals. The
groups as a whole can continue for years if they are
skilled recruiters but not forever. Governments, crime
families and other violence and terror based groups
have to constantly replace dead or disillusioned

Do terrorist tactics work?

Yes, for a time. People give in to fear when they do not
have the ability to fight it. The larger the target group the
less likely terrorism can control it. Sooner or later
constant fear wears thin and people fight back whether
scared or not. Small groups of terrorized people must be
watched and worried about. Any rebellion must be
stopped. Escape and betrayal are a constant threat.

Has terror always been a tactic?

Yes. Striking fear into the hearts of enemies has been
done for thousands of years. History is littered with
examples of radical change attempted by brute force
and disregard for human life. Modern day terrorists
however do not start by marching an invading army
into our neighborhoods. They sew seeds by inspiring
malcontents to kill some of us here and there causing
as much reaction as possible.

The idea is that their leaders can disrupt our lives
endlessly while sitting safely somewhere. We will focus
on the impossible task of stopping random attacks. We
will throw away large quantities of time and money and
gain only frustration. The US for example has about
320,000,000 people, most with phones and internet, and
they only need to convince one here and there. The
media will do the rest.

Can we stop this form of attack somehow?

Not entirely. There will always be somebody fed up
enough to buy in. Keeping it to a minimum will be done
by education and making sure our basic ideas of
freedom, inclusion and personal rights for all are intact.

Things to remember are world wide communication
and modern equipment is available to us too. We can
find terrorist leaders and deal with them. We can also
depend on the vast majority of people in the world being
attracted to a peaceful life.

Terrorism is war. A constant life and death struggle.
We have experienced it enough to know how ugly that
is. Time and human nature are on our side. If we stay
calm and strong terrorism won’t work. Desired
changes will have to be made from within with voices
and votes.

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