Useful information for anybody alive

Billions of people came before us on this planet. They
did what they did and moved on. What happens now is
up to us.

Our ancestors were facing different circumstances.
Those who come after us will face different
circumstances but all of us have the same goal. Building
a comfortable life.

Some in every group are able to organize, plan and
lead effectively. In the process they gain wealth. The
result can be small groups with wealth leading large
groups of followers. A large wealth gap between the
groups leads to a high risk of rebellion.

The most successful, long lasting societies have
developed multiple wealth levels and individual
opportunities. Most people voluntarily join in without
thoughts of rebellion. When the majority can choose a
peaceful path to a better life there are few hoping for
violent change.

Hatred for those with different looks or beliefs is
destructive. It is caused by fear. We are afraid of what
we do not understand and we hate what we are afraid
of. Hatred has been encouraged and used as a tool to
gain power and wealth. It fades when close association
reveals how similar we are.

Needs for expensive war materials create jobs and
wealth. Manufacturers and their suppliers benefit
from both peaceful defense spending and wars. They
can sell to both sides in a conflict through dealers or
distributors. Their best income comes during war
somewhere else and fear at home. The local payroll
and exports boost the economy. The morality issue is
avoided because of the money.

Gaining followers by promising rewards for killing is
not sustainable. The contrast between peace and the
ugly realities of war quickly become obvious. Killing,
destroying and looting in the name of progress makes
more enemies than friends. Self respect can not be
based on lies. Murdering anyone who disagrees with you
is not taught by any religion.

The main source of recruits for leaders planning to
terrorize the world into submission is the young and
uneducated. Education results in less fear, less blind
following, more sensible thought and is the enemy of
the terrorist.

Anyone alive today can soak up knowledge like never
before. It is no longer possible to keep any population in
the dark. Knowledge is power and the thirst for it will
never stop. The growing availability of information is
the best thing to happen so far and brings unlimited
possibilities for progress.

Ignore individual agendas for a minute and consider
which systems prosper and which do not. Which people
are free to stay or go, agree or disagree and generally live
in peace. Which groups are open, accountable and
inclusive. We can not avoid all bumps in the road, but
warts and all we can see which direction is best and
work towards it.

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