Philosophy. My version of truth. Guiding or underlying
principles that are the basis for thought and action. We
all have a personal philosophy that grows and changes
routinely. Getting in touch with it is one of the most
interesting things there is. Much better than fiction.

I have mental snapshots of various times in life. Good
or bad, all of it was new each day. When was I happy?
Why? Did events and other people make me that way or
my reaction to those events? The answer seems obvious.

A sudden downpour makes some people angry and
others run out in a bathing suit. Downpours are neutral.
They cause wet. We react the way we decide to. The
secret to happiness is learning. Today’s events will
unfold as they will. How we handle each is a choice.
Good choices allow happy.

What does staying young consist of? Maintaining body,
mind and spirit. Staying interested. Liking what you see
in others and yourself. Recognizing and looking forward
to the continuous changes and enjoying the new
refreshing us.

What is old? Mentally stuck in previous times that
seemed better. Angry because life is not like it used to be.
What does it look like? Slow, weak, confused. What does
it act like? Negative, crabby, discouraged. It has nothing
to do with age.

What do I like about people? Each one is unique. No
two are exactly alike. They are an endless supply of
interesting information. People I have known for
many years keep surprising me because we both
change. Keep up or be left behind.

What do I like about life? It is never simple. If you think
you have it figured out you missed something. Today
will not be a clone of yesterday. When you stop learning,
old begins.

Why do I want to go on living? Because I want to see
what the future brings. I want to experience tomorrow
and learn the secrets hidden there. What will I become?
What will you become? Where do we go from here?

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