Weather or not

There came a time when I had heard all I want about
the weather. Checking the prediction each morning,
listening to jokes and comments from whomever
crosses my path and planning my time around mother
nature is a waste. Predictions from experts are guesses.
What really happens has no serious effect on me
unless it is extreme. That is too seldom to consider and
removes most options anyway.

Natural disasters happening elsewhere are routine.
Fires and mud slides in California, tornados in the
midwest, blizzards in the northeast, hurricanes on the
coasts, floods and droughts. They happen every year,
take lots of money and effort to deal with and generate
sympathy for whoever is taking their turn today.

TV, internet, radio all have lucrative deals with
sponsors anxious to get their commercials delivered
to the ninety nine percent of us tuning in to hear about
today. That information will be delivered in such a way
that it is almost impossible to be wrong.

Partly cloudy, partly sunny, chance of precipitation,
probable highs in the sixties, dark at night. Unless we
get an eruption from a previously undiscovered volcano
the forecast is accurate.

If today is your turn for disaster I’m sorry. Loss of life
and property are scary and sad. I hope you survive and
come back even stronger like most of us have in the
past. It does rain on our parades and blow roofs off
now and then but mostly not.

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