A strong affection for something or someone. Not to be
confused with sexual attraction. Both are in the mind
but lust is temporary, spur of the moment feelings
easily influenced by minor events. Love grows in many
forms, from many kinds of experience and can last a
lifetime. It is not a subject we usually discuss but
maybe we should.

Love is not always permanent. It lasts until the object
of it becomes more pain than pleasure. A good
experience gives satisfaction, relaxation, confidence
and the desire to repeat. We endure some not good
involvements because nothing or nobody is perfect but
not forever. The usual reason for lost attraction is
unacceptable change.

When people avoid you or are acting cold you may be
sending a negative message. If that new house you
loved is looking shabby you at least share the blame.
When your favorite dish doesn’t taste good it may just
be your mood or too much repetition. When you are
all or part of the problem you have the option of trying
to fix it.

Change is continuous and you are the only thing you
control. Love of people, places, things is an important
part of a happy life but needs to be kept up to date.
Weddings, child birth, business success, purchases can
bring feelings of OK that job is done. Wrong. It has just

Nothing stays the same. The important things of
yesterday need adjustment today. To keep enjoying
them we don’t need to double our efforts, just keep in
touch with now. New and interesting challenges are
going to keep popping up for as long as we live. Seeing
that as an irritant will bring constant depression.
Staying flexible keeps the mind balanced and sharper.

Marriages, children, business careers and just about
everything else we care about are not one size fits all.
My idea of great may be your idea of punishment. Don’t
rush, don’t lie to yourself, don‘t judge the choices of
others or feel guilty about being different. Each one of
us is different.

Keeping what you have come to love in your life is
easier when you stay alert. Small adjustments usually
avoid major upheaval. The world is not for us or
against us. It and everybody in it are continuing to
evolve. Fitting in is up to us and doing it is a never
ending job.

Don’t avoid self examination. Pay attention to what you
have become so far. If you don’t like what you see it
tells you which direction to go. Forgive yourself for
mistakes and start working on better. Others will decide
for themselves but if you like the improvements some
of them will too.

Keeping love in your life is work but what meaningful
thing did you ever gain without it? How does it feel
when you get a good result?

I rest my case.

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