We adjust as needed

A tough problem for a comfortable family in suburbia
today might involve a leaky roof, where to vacation, or
how to get the kids delivered to after school events.
Daily survival is for somebody else.

Neither easy nor hard life is guaranteed to be
permanent and can come or go without notice.
Fortunately, even the softest and most spoiled of us
can change quickly. Humans are flexible.

A major tragedy that destroys everything we are used
to does not happen often. The majority of us will not go
through it in our lifetime. If we do the anxiety, fear and
self pity will be all around. Some will decide life is no
longer worth living as many did when the great
depression hit but most will adapt and keep going.

Picture yourself suddenly with zero. Like the refugees
who have left their homes in war torn lands or people
kidnapped and enslaved. Strange place, maybe different
language. No possessions or shelter. Water, food and
sanitation scarce. Danger all around and only your two
hands and your mind to face it.

Not having been forced to face the same problems
others have does not mean we could not. Our bodies
and minds are no better or worse than theirs. The
difference is only circumstance. A good thing to
remember when the less fortunate need a little help.

Shortly after the shock of complete change we would
be so engrossed in survival we would waste little time
on self pity. Advanced civilization makes life easier but
has not changed our basic abilities. In spite of our fears
the necessities of now leave few choices.

Remember that fearing what might happen doesn’t
cause or prevent it. We can only do our best with what
we face today and be confident of our ability to handle
what comes tomorrow. It is the key to survival and
progress. Mankind adjusts and mankind is made of you
and me.

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