What do you really believe?

Do you believe you are normal? Above average
mentally and physically? Below? Why? What makes
you think so?

Did teachers and other students tell you? Did mom and
dad convince you? Did you compare yourself with
others and decide? Did you study a chart that rates
those things?

How about skills? Are you good with your hands or all
thumbs? Can fix anything or a menace when trying? A
natural athlete or two left feet? Can read and absorb the
contents of a book at a single sitting or take forever and
quit halfway through? Can do complicated math in your
head or take three tries on a calculator?

Have you mentally labeled yourself quick or slow,
aggressive or shy, affectionate or cold, agreeable or
argumentative because that is just the way you are?

What about likes and dislikes? Colors, textures, foods,
people, things you are attracted to or repulsed by? Do
you believe those are permanent? Like me or not, those
are my tastes?

Would it surprise you to learn almost none of the above
is hereditary? Basically, your sex, coloring and general
shape come from your ancestors. The rest is up to you.

If you believe you are perfect as is you may run into some
disagreement from time to time. If changing anything
about yourself sounds interesting you will probably find
it easier than you thought.

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