Who I am and why I write

Let’s start with who I am not. I have no credentials to
treat illness of body or mind. No advice for the lovelorn,
cures for addiction or foolproof plan for getting rich. I
can not eliminate poverty, crime, wars or pollution.

I am the guy next door who has been around a long
time and tried to pay attention. I enjoy people, life and
the complicated patterns they make. I write thoughts
and ideas for family, friends and anyone else who finds
them interesting.

I try to be a sign pointing in the direction of relaxed and
happy. A nudge to start new thought. Sometimes small
ideas made a big positive change for me so I pass them
along. Those changes always started in my mind.

We tend to habitually fill our time taking care of basic
needs plus a few leisure activities. That can lead to
feeling maxed out, frustrated and dreaming about
better. What is better anyway?

Needing a new pair of socks or a quart of milk is solved
without thinking. Where do I get a better life? The rich
and famous tell us how they became a success but most
of us do not have the time, energy or desire to chase
stardom and are afraid of failure. So is this all there is?

Yes, so far. However life is not over and if you haven’t
noticed it changes constantly from birth to death. The
future will be different whether you like it or not. You
can influence the like it or not part.

If you asked me while visiting over the back fence I
would tell you that my plan is to keep affecting my own
life as positively as I can. The better I make me the more
I improve life for those around me.

Complaints are fun but useless by themselves. Small,
doable steps bring solutions and more happiness than
you ever expected. Thinking and doing as we go along
is a good replacement for complaining.

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