Failure and success are just words

Success comes in a variety of forms. If my goal is
moving a big rock from one side of the yard to the
other I can completely fail by not moving it at all,
completely succeed by positioning it perfectly, or get
stuck in between. Whichever is true tells me what to
do next. Keeping score on successes and failures is a
waste of time.

My life not turning out the way I hoped is really no
different. What has happened up to now does not keep
me from getting a different result. I can refigure the best
approach to the rock. Recruit some friends, hire
somebody, rent a piece of equipment, break it into
pieces, paint it a pretty color. Find what works by
focusing on it.

I can look at the truth of my life in the same way.
Where am I versus where I would like to be? What are
my options? Which one is most likely to get me going?
What is the best first step? This process beats the pants
off of waiting for my luck to change or my ship to
come in.

Am I flexible enough to handle the inevitable ups and
downs? Is my attitude positive? Are my habits keeping
me alert, strong and active? Am I looking forward to
tomorrow? If not, why not? Honest answers to key
questions point the way.

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