Dear departed loved one

Most of the time we got along but there were times
when I got mad and gave you the negative things I felt
at the moment. I raised my voice, said hurtful things or
turned my back and treated you coldly.

Over the years I have experienced all of the above from
the receiving end too and can guess how it made you
feel. Maybe I am exaggerating but it seems what comes
to mind at times like this is why didn’t I, why did I, etc.

Now that you are gone most of what aggravated me
seems trivial. I regret that I didn‘t see it before and at
least apologize. Forgiving myself by thinking that I am
only human and make mistakes eases my mind but
doesn‘t excuse me. You were only human too.

It is too late to change the past but I am trying hard to
be better for the benefit of those still here. I wish you
were one of them. We will not forget you.

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