We learn from nature but ….

Plants, insects, birds, fish, animals are almost entirely
preprogrammed and reactive. Find food, survive,
reproduce, die. They generally live a short life entirely
in the present. They get scared when threatened but
don’t toss and turn worrying about what will happen
tomorrow or agonize about past mistakes. Humans,
not so much. The price of a larger brain seems to be

A simpler, less stressful life like non humans can sound
attractive. Quick instinctive transition to adulthood.
Not having to answer to anyone. Free to roam when the
mood strikes. Like a permanent vacation. So how about
quitting the rat race, finding a secluded spot and getting
back to nature? Good, if you get a transplanted bird or
rabbit brain.

If not, and my current stress is related to the basics I
will still suffer. We need water, food, shelter and safety
to survive whether we live in a big city or alone in the
woods. If fear is my problem I will still have it. There
will be things that scare me in either place.

The problems associated with relationships will
disappear if I go off somewhere and live alone. So will
the benefits of cooperative living and specializing. Is it
easier to learn survival than relationships?

By myself just staying alive can be full time work. If I
need clothing I must produce it. If I want to eat I must
hunt, gather, farm. If I want shelter I must arrange it.
Nature doesn’t offer vacations, electricity, doctors,
dentists, books, movies, police officers, laws or welfare.
You do or you die. No wimps need apply. Survival for as
long as you are fit.

Think your troubles are over if you get away from it
all? Good luck. Even if you can afford to retire in some
beautiful, secluded spot you must buy what you need
from somebody. Loneliness rears it’s ugly head and
those relationships keep insisting on getting involved.

The reason billions of us hang out together is it’s nicer.
Especially if you take the trouble to learn how to get
along with your fellow humans. It will never be perfect
but can be fun from time to time and interesting always.

A mind focused on what is interesting about life and
people is almost never stuck in self pity and drudgery.
Positive, uncomplaining people are pleasant to be with
whether young or old, rich or poor, sick or healthy.
Becoming one of them is a choice unless you have
accepted the bird or rabbit brain.

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