December 3rd, 3014 – An open letter to the planet Earth

Dear world,

I heard about your troubles and it makes me sad. If
there is something I can do to help please find a way to
let me know. At the very least I can give you a shoulder
to cry on.

I know you have no need of money or creature
comforts but you have my respect and gratitude. You
have after all provided a decent place to live for
countless of us over lots of years.

The fact that we will be gone soon should not break
your heart. It’s just the way things go in life. With no
significant health threats or natural enemies left we
have outgrown the food supply and turned on each
other. With the wonderful weapons we continue to
proudly invent we will kill ourselves, but not you.

After we have gone you may be lonely for a while but
you will recover just like you have in the past. New
creatures will come and may be smarter and less
selfish than we were. If not, you will at least have some
company until they once again overrun the place and

You knew we were fragile and had a limited life span so
come on, cheer up. We probably lasted longer than you
expected. With a little luck you can have many millions
of years left to enjoy. Your best times may be right
around the corner.

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