Reduce down time

A lifetime is made of minutes. Until somebody invents a
workable time machine we live each of them only once.
Making the best use of right now means getting our
minds out of the dream world and back into reality.

A few of those minute wasters are:

Aggravation. Fuming and fussing by themselves
achieve nothing but wear and tear on the body.

Hate and revenge thoughts. They are unrealistic,
unnecessary and unproductive.

Daydreaming. Fantasizing about having achieved
success, fame, riches, or other stuff doesn’t achieve

Disaster thoughts. Imagining and stressing about the
damage done by terrible things that could happen but
seldom do.

We all spend time on these things. It is as normal as
the shoulder shrugging nonsense of most dreams.

Minute wasters while awake need to be identified,
smiled at, and gently put away. We can’t predict how
much progress a few extra serious minutes per day
are worth but we know it is a positive habit. The more
the better.

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