Vacations and retirement

Drudgery is exhausting, boring, unpleasant work. It
can describe my life sometimes whether I am actually
at work, on vacation or retired.

Getting away for a few days, seeing new places and
things. Hearing and puzzling about different languages,
customs, streets and buildings. Meeting new people,
sampling different foods. Exciting right? Yes, and tiring.
After a few days I need to rest.

How about a resort or cruise? Being pampered and
waited on. A few days of luxury. The rich food, good
entertainment or thrill of gambling could please me
for a little while but is quickly over. Too soon I have
some memories and an empty wallet.

So I stay home and just go fishing or play golf? Maybe
just putter around the house? Sit in the back yard?
Take a nap? Catch up on those projects I have been
thinking about? I don’t have to live out of a suitcase and
shell out for hotels, meals or transportation. I also don’t
have anything new to experience. Same view out of the
same windows.

How about retirement? Just endless vacation activities
is usually not financially practical and boredom is a big
problem. A large percentage of retirees quickly learn
that a lifetime habit of meaningful work is a big hole to
fill. Fishing, golf, home maintenance are not usually
enough. Reduced schedule plus regular volunteer or
part time work is a good answer if healthy but not much
different than the life I retired from.

If I am happy with my daily life vacations or retirement
eventually get to be somewhere between no big deal
and too much trouble. Done out of habit or for the
benefit of others. If my daily routine is depressing I
look forward to a brief escape but brief is the key word.
Getting home again is punishment.

Let’s see… What are my options? Continuing the
pattern of a week of fun here and there mixed with
fifty weeks of drudge. Dumping it all to become a beach
bum. Trying some changes to make the major part of life
something I don‘t need to escape? Duh……..

The closer I get to a relaxed home and work life the
more vacations become a pleasant extension of it.
Instead of a rushed attempt to cram maximum action
into a short break I can take my time and savor it. I’m
no longer fighting off thoughts of what is facing me in
only a few more hours. I am not worn out when the
time off is over.

Vacation or retirement can be a nice continuation of
enjoyment, or more of the same drudge with less money.
Improving every day life means I can go places and see
things if I want but it’s not mandatory in order to keep
my sanity. If I don’t develop good habits the drudge is

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