An important conversation to have with myself.

What is self-respect? The definition is a belief in my
own worth, integrity and dignity. Let’s see. What do I
really think about myself anyway? Not what I suspect
others think about me, what I think about me. Is it true
or am I exaggerating?

Worth is value. Being important or useful to somebody
else. Am I really? Do I have some value to those I am
with at home and away? Could I be more useful and
important if I try? Absolutely.

Integrity is high moral standards. Honesty, fairness,
doing what is right even if it hurts. Am I like that? Not
always. I could do a better job of it. Am I worried that
others would not approve? Why?

Dignity is serious, respectful behavior. My behavior is
certainly not always serious and respectful. Were there
times when I wish it had been. Of, course.

How do I feel about others who are important, honest,
fair, respectful? Will others feel that way about me if I
deserve it? Sure.

I will never be adored and idolized but I can see some
doable steps in the right direction. A little more self
respect would be a good thing.

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