Busy? Good.

Do you feel like you are juggling balls in the air or
spinning plates on sticks? Pay attention or they will fall.
Every time you add one more ball or plate you are
gaining confidence. Every session sharpens you
mentally and physically.

Having much to do is better and healthier than
boredom. We can always handle more than we
thought. Is being relaxed and busy at the same time a
myth? No. People do it all the time. It comes with

It’s the same as any other aspect of life. “I can’t”
becomes quitting, boredom and failure, “I will” starts a
series of small successes leading to improvement. Little
triumphs feel good and encourage more effort.

You can bet that somewhere along the line Luciano
Pavarotti hit sour notes trying the scales, Michael Jordan
dribbled the ball off his foot, J.K. Rowling misspelled
Harry Potter, Sam Walton stumbled and lost the sale, and
Martin Luther King Jr. was embarrassed and nervous
giving a speech.

None of them could know where the events of today
would lead, only that they wanted better. Whether we
are kids shooting for superstar, elders wanting a pat on
the back or somewhere between the process is the same.
We can’t wish it to reality, nobody will do it for us, we
must start juggling the first ball.

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