Age and old are two different things

Age: How long something or somebody has existed.

Old: Showing characteristics associated with
advanced age.

Gray hair, wrinkles, age spots and other visual signs
come with the territory. Trying to hide them is useless.
People see our approximate age. Old is more in our
movement, action, attitude. Things we have some
control over. We can be out of shape, weary of life and
the grief it brings at thirty or mentally balanced,
interested and active at ninety. Either condition usually
results from habits.

One habit that really helps keep us young is
moderation. Routinely stuffing ourselves with food and
drink or starving to lose weight brings on physical
problems that severely affect daily life. That goes for
workouts too. I wish I had a buck for every limping,
bandaged person who told me they hurt themselves
overdoing the jogging, running, weight lifting.

Overdoing to gain quick results is caused by impatience
and a desire to get this over with so I can get back to the
routine that caused it. I am not planning to solve the
problem just knock it back and then relax. Like turning
the thermostat way up or way down for drastic
temperature changes and endlessly fiddling with it.

Gradual physical changes to a place where I feel strong
but not fat and habits that keep me there make a more
relaxed, sustainable, higher quality life. I can eat and
drink pretty much what I like in reasonable quantity
and the same goes for exercise. I enjoy other things
more when I feel good.

Mental habits are just as important. When I reach the
point where keeping up with the times is just too much
trouble old has begun. When current events have no
interest for me I have dropped out. When I no longer
care about anything or anyone life has no meaning.
When I look in the mirror and see an old, crabby drop
out I have the option to change.

Habit changing is easy when I do it on purpose and see
good results. If I can’t get interested in my own life I sure
can’t help anybody else. When I first realize I can make
life better I wonder why I didn’t do this years ago. It’s
never too late to learn. I have spent my whole life in
training for today. How I am going to handle it is up to

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