Confidently accept changing times

Complaints about the sorry state of things human have
been going on for thousands of years. Every year brings
changes that leave us scratching our heads. Clothing,
hair styles, beliefs, goals, attitudes, habits, politics,
economics. Take your pick.

Few would argue that life has not improved physically.
On average we’re bigger, stronger, healthier and live
longer than our forefathers. Modern conveniences
unheard of in previous centuries are common in most

Does anybody really want to return the old days? Just
a hundred years ago it could mean no electricity at
home, kerosene lanterns, ice boxes, unpaved streets,
horse and buggy for travel around town, twenty
different stores instead of one supermarket or
department store, ditty-dah-dah in morse code instead
of a phone in your pocket.

The problem with progress is mental comfort. Our
parents’ generation taught us the then current truths
but by the time we are parents new information comes
along. Our choices are the same as theirs were. Stay
stubborn and old fashioned or get up to date. Until a
time machine is invented we don’t get to go back to
what we grew up with.

Enjoying change comes from understanding and
learning. Fear of what is different leads to hatred. We
don’t like what we are afraid of. Learning reduces fear
and makes life better. The more we learn the more
confident and happy we become.

Change will not stop. If humans completely disappear
from this planet nature will continue constantly
changing it without us. A few years later it will be hard
to find evidence of us. As long as we are here we will
continue to influence our environment purposely and

That influence is greater now because of our massive
numbers and modern technology. Changes that are
coming faster and faster make keeping up a steady
effort. We must study and pay attention but that is
more fun than work if we are interested.

Want to enjoy life for as long as possible? Stay
interested and keep learning. There is a steady stream
of new information. You can do that until you are a
hundred and twenty.

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