Are you going to stay in the closets?

The one where you store embarrassing memories.
Mean things you said and did that you wish you hadn‘t.
Stupid mistakes that caused people to get mad at you.
Things that make you sure nobody who was there will
ever like you.

The one for storage of unfair things. Undeserved
damage, injuries or loss of relationships for no reason.
Careless, thoughtless inconsiderate people that made
you angry. Bad luck with something important just
because it was your turn.

The worry closet. Death, disability, financial ruin,
safety, reputation, image, responsibilities, betrayal.

If you spend hours each day staring at an unmoving
collection in a clothes closet, a linen closet or some
other storage area is it healthy? How about the time
spent in your mental closets instead of sleeping,
learning, progressing?

I rest my case.

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