Sales – how to do it and why.

When thinking about earning a living, remember this.
Nothing happens until somebody sells something. Sales
supports every person involved in every business.
Every person in every business has an impact on sales
in some way.

The difference between success and failure as an
employee, individual proprietor or massive corporation
is the ability to continue profitable sales. Those who
succeed long term never stop paying attention.

A sale happens when supply meets demand. Since most
wants and needs have multiple possible suppliers some
of them thrive and some perish. Why? Which ones? The
answer is simple.

Whether you are selling coffee and donuts for pocket
change, locomotives for a million dollars each or any
other product or service four things are necessary to
succeed. The customer must become aware. The
product or service must safely fulfill the need or want.
The price must be realistic. The supplier must treat the
customer with respect.

A continuing pattern of the above creates goodwill.
The inclination of a customer to return to a place
where he or she has been well treated. Good product
or service, introduced to those who need or want it,
fair price and respectful treatment. All of these are
necessary for continuing success.

If sales are decreasing the business is failing and one or
more of the above is the reason. Products or services
are outdated or no longer attractive. No sales effort to
offset the inevitable customer loss due to relocation,
competition, retirement, etc. Prices not competitive.
Customer service lacking.

Figure out the why and remedies will suggest
themselves. Those being successful are not more
intelligent than you are. They are just doing the right

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