Frustrated about internet business? Why?

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One pitch you see every day is about people making big
money in a short period of time. It’s the same strategy
used to sell lottery tickets. Another is famous success
stories condensed. Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Bill
Gates all did this one thing so if you do it too…. it’s

If you feel like you are following miles behind a heard
to a pasture they have already eaten down to dirt
you’re not alone. Well over ninety percent of people
trying it make no money. Starting in business has
always been an eye opener. Most people quit when
they find out how hard it is.

The key word in “internet business” is business. Like
brick and mortar business there are individuals
working alone, small companies with only a few
employees, medium size and large corporations too. If
you don’t fall into one of those categories you have a
hobby. An amusement that costs money.

To build a long term business fix your thought process
first so you are not living with frustration and gloom.
If you think you can make full time money without
working full time hours you are probably wrong.
Especially in the beginning.

A sole proprietor can operate from home or in a small
rental space but has to do everything. Production,
advertising, sales, fulfillment, finances and customer
service take time and focus. Without those things you
have no business. Roll up the sleeves. Got something
better to do?

Pictures of smiling people with fancy cars and
mansions are designed to sell you something. Work
smarter, not harder means get more from your hard
work, not stop working hard. The most common
characteristic of successful people is being willing to
devote yourself to it through thick and thin. There is
always thin.

Failure comes from expecting internet business to be
easy because millions of prospects are there waiting
for whatever you are selling. Putting a product or
service out there hoping it goes viral and makes you
rich has very little chance of success. Mostly what
goes viral is free pictures of cute puppies.

Much of the internet advice is designed to make you a
customer. Weed out the ones selling get rich quick and
the ones who do everything for you so you can sit on
the beach with a cool drink. Lottery tickets are a better
long term bet.

The internet is a valuable communications tool. It can
help you sell good products and services for a profit.
When you have something you’re proud of the answer
to frustration is learning to use the tool. Don’t fear it. It’s
just a modern version of smoke signals, pony express,
telegraph and telephone.

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