Superstars and happiness

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Superstar originally meant an athlete or entertainer
who was better than peers and universally admired. It
has become a term to describe anybody who has
developed a skill to a very high degree and become

The usual path to superstar includes a combination of
natural talent, good instruction, hard work and single
minded dedication. Most of us don’t have pursuits we
love enough or confidence in our ability enough to get

Current population in the United States is about three
hundred fourteen million. Between the scientists,
singers, actors, sports champions, business wizards or
politicians at the top of their fields we have maybe two
hundred who could be called superstars. Not even one
per million.

The tiny percentage of people who achieve it can be
miserable, lonely, unhappy folks too. Being super
successful in some field does not guarantee friendship,
love or health.

About 2,300 years ago a Greek called Epicurus said
happiness lies in a moderate self sufficient life with
friends, family and the absence of pain. Not a bad idea.
The key word there is moderate. Being excessive or
obsessive can bring misery.

In 1936 Dale Carnegie wrote a book teaching self
confidence. The title was How to Win Friends and
Influence People and it sold five million copies in
thirty one languages before his death in 1955.

Carnegie suggested concentrating on now. Doing a
good job on the task at hand rather than mentally
wandering to the past and future. Resting regularly so
you can stay sharp and other basic things that any of
us can handle. He connected with a large audience.
People who want to do a little better. Anybody you

In today’s world we have Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins
and other famous life improvement coaches who teach
how to successfully take responsibility for and make an
effort to get better. Things we all can do.

One message I get from twenty five hundred years of
previous thoughts is that we control our attitudes and
habits. They are not forced on us by other people or
events. Another is our thoughts are the starting point
for any improvement. Accept what is real and relax
about changing for the better.

Until I learn that I control only me and changing me is
the only effective action my life will stay as it is or get

Superstar is a flattering category in life and obituaries.
During life each day is a happy experience or not. If
they are currently in the “not” zone we have the ability
to improve them whether or not we are superstars.

Today will not come again. Use it or lose it.

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