Take attendance

Physical presence gives the students a chance to
absorb what is being taught. Tests will determine
whether they were there mentally.

Teachers deliver a message but can’t see whether the
mental doors are open for business. Students thinking
about how good so and so looks, sporting events or
home life don’t realize they are wasting now. Failing is
not because they are dumb. It’s because they are absent.

It happens all through life. Driving, walking, listening
or even talking to someone we lose focus because our
mind has drifted off. It’s especially true when we’re
worried about something.

We are much sharper, more responsive, better at
anything when paying attention. Keeping focus
improves life and even though we can’t stop the mental
wandering developing self awareness pays off.

  • Forming the habit of being aware of where my thoughts
    are and bringing them back to now is a key to progress.
  • Setting a time once or twice each day to purposely stop
    and review, think, meditate is a good first step.
  • Practicing will produce more and more time present
    and is well worth the investment.

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